Slab foundation made of reinforced concrete, built in EPS form – energy efficient, strong and environmentally friendly

We design and build slab foundations made of reinforced concrete, the foundation of which having been made of reinforced concrete is thermally insulated from the external environment.
The most common slab foundation used in modern-day houses is made of L blocks.
The structure of slab foundation made of reinforced concrete in EPS form and of L blocks is thermally insulated using thermal insulation materials. The load of the entire building is applied to the thermal insulation materials between the building itself and the ground.
The weight of a slab foundation of a residential house with a simple 100m2  timber frame is at least 30 tonnes. The final weight of the building can be 90-100 tonnes.
Two-storey building with light blocks and a foundation surface area of 100m2, which has an intermediate ceiling made of reinforced concrete panels, may have a final weight of up to 360 tonnes.
All this load is put on EPS materials.

Nordic Foundation Solutions OÜ has a team of people with experience in working with slab foundations in Estonia and Scandinavia since 2004. In cooperation with engineering firms, we are able to evaluate the suitability of a slab foundation for the planned building.

It is possible to order from us everything that you may need for constructing a thermally insulated slab foundation made of reinforced concrete and L blocks:

  • Requirements for the load capacity of subsoil;
  • Performance of earthworks with the measurement of soil density;
  • Calculation of building structures and the design of a suitable solution for the structure of the slab foundation;
  • Design of constructive project for the foundation, if necessary;
  • Drawings for installing underfloor heating, taking into account the uniform structure of the slab foundation and the thermal conductivity of reinforced concrete;
  • All work related to constructing the slab foundation.